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Who We Are

The iZED Holdings success story launched with the new millennium, in the year 2000 with the establishment of TechTuners, a travel technology development and research company in Dubai, UAE. TechTuners was the first venture into business for iZED Holdings and far from the last.

TechTuners has grown considerably and now iZED Holdings traverses the globe and still ventures eagerly into new entrepreneurial feats, delving further into the travel and tourism industries and providing solutions to businesses around the world.

Now, a decade and a half later, iZED Holdings spans two continents, three countries and is home to five companies. Each holding provides essential support to different aspects of the dynamic travel and tourism industry. Our global network of professionals have an array of well rounded talents, depths of knowledge and variety of expertise.

TechTuners has grown with the technological shifts that have redefined the last decade and half. Since then computers have become household items, the internet grew to be a part of every day life and essential to the growth and spread of ideas. Information travels around the world as fast as a swipe across the screen of a phone.

TechTuners continues the technical revolution and charges ahead with innovative and inspired ideas and technology that supports every aspect of travel from growing business looking to expand to agents seeking a technological upper hand.

iZED Holdings has been at the forefront of innovation since the turn of the millennium and continues to advance the travel and tourism industry the world over.

Message from the President

Tourism can make this world a better place!

We support industry entrepreneurship and believe in nurturing innovation in the travel and tourism industry.

We selectively invest in innovative start-up and growth-stage ventures, help accelerate their development and growth, and provide entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services.

Mission, Vision & Values

The travel and tourism industry is a fundamental part of life. It pumps billions of dollars into the economy every year around the world sustaining entire economies. It creates jobs and supports families, it funds schools, governments and art. It also provides new experiences, insight, revelations, enlightenment, knowledge and growth to travelers. From the global economy to the heart of the individual, travel and tourism are indispensable to the life experience. At iZED Holdings we want to capture that essence and make our own contribution.

Innovation, efficiency, design and travel are engrained in the DNA of every iZED Holdings company. Each branch practices utilization of the most efficient and modern technological achievements to push the industry forward in the best way possible.

Technology has become monumentally important to travel and tourism. Over the past fifteen years the number of annual travelers around the world has more than doubled. These travelers take to technology when they book their vacations and business trips. We work to make this beneficial to both the traveler and the hosts who make up the dynamic tourism industry.

We believe in moving forward. When we meet like minded individuals or companies looking to evolve the industry, we take interest and invest to help nurture their growth. We believe competitive competition fuels innovation the fastest and when we see a like-minded entrepreneur or innovator looking to shake things up, we are ready and willing to work with them to build their concept.

iZED Holdings works with key stakeholders in the industry to create a network of like-minded thought leaders. This community, made of experts in their domain, builds the foundation for innovation to benefit the industry as a whole.

The Team We have a multi-functional team of business professionals with diverse backgrounds from all over the world including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and the MENA region. Our culturally diverse organisation also supports and employs the best of the UAE’s talent.
  • Ilyas Zameer Ilyas Zameer President & CEO Ilyas is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and travel, tourism & technology & visionary. From 1997 to 1999 Ilyas contributed to the IPO of a private limited company. Served as an IT consultant to a renowned aviation company in the ME and for a U.S.-based travel technology company. Ilyas has migrated traditional desktop systems to cutting edge web based applications and disrupted one of the largest and technologically antiquated global industries: tourism and travel. In 2001, Ilyas formed TechTuners with the mission of developing software solutions for the travel industry and invested series of first-of-its-kind solutions and established TechTuners, TravelsBond , TravelCreed , Brand2Fly and more...
  • Jamil Qureshi Jamil Qureshi Board Member Mr Qureshi is the Founder and Managing Director of the UAE-based GulfCap Group, which has been providing business and financial advisory services across the Gulf, East African and South Asian regions. Prior to establishing the GulfCap Group, he was the CEO of Gulf Investments Limited (GIL, an investment bank, regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority). During 2010, the shareholders resolved to voluntarily liquidate GIL. Prior to GIL, GulfCap was founded by Mr Qureshi in an equal partnership with Mr Suleiman Shahbal back in 2006, to provide management consulting and business advisory services. During 2007, additional high-net-worth shareholders, including Sheikh Abdullah Mohammed Al-Romaizan / Kirnaf from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Overseas Investments / Skyline Investments from the Kingdom of Bahrain and Sheikh Abdul Malik Al-Khalili from the Sultanate of Oman, invested in GulfCap / GIL.
  • Lee Rosen Lee Rosen Board Member
  • Majid Al Marri Majid Al Marri Board Member Mr. Majid Sager Al-Marri, a highly prominent Emirati, from one of UAE’s most distinguished families, is a professional with extensive experience in the implementation of hotel standards and criteria on a governmental level. He currently holds the coveted position of Head of Hotel Establishment Classification in the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). His primary responsibility includes ensuring that hotel standards and criteria are adhered to, and bestows star rankings to every hotel in Dubai. Having been in the role for 13 years, he is the final authority on Hotel star classification in Dubai, and has succeeded in setting the bar in Dubai high enough to meet and exceed international standards of global hospitality that the world has come to expect of Dubai. Mr. Al Marri is also entrusted with developing the new hotel classification software and e-services for the DTCM.
  • Martin Cowley Martin Cowley Board Member
  • Martin Warner Martin Warner Board Member